Day Tripping :: Doncaster Beer Festival

Saturday we decided to have a day trip in the city we live in and attend the Doncaster Beer Festival. We've missed this the past couple of years because of things going on, so needless to say I made sure we put it on the calendar and kept the day free. 

My only gripe is that this festival starts on a Thursday and runs through Saturday night. Because of this a lot of the beer was sold out by the time we got there Saturday afternoon. There was still enough to drink, and I found a fair few good ones. 
The system this year worked like this - you are given your half pint classes, you pay £10 for a card (or several adding up to £10), were given a booklet with all the beers listed in alphabetical order with descriptions, then went up to the counter to see if it was available. You could choose to have a taste, and when you found one you liked you could opt to pay for a 1/3 of a pint, or 1/2 a pint. I just went all in and used my best judgement to go for 1/3rd's every time. Depending on the beer you chose, depended on the price. Most were around £.90-1.00 for 1/3 of a pint, and about fifty pence more for the half. 
I was really happy with all of my choices, I'm apparently an expert beer picker.
Fran and Michael however weren't, and had a couple un-drinkables that took them a long time to get through. The other problem with the event is there is nowhere to dump beer that you don't like. You've just got to plug your nose, suck it up and down it. 
{Fran mulling over the choices}
There was also quite a large cider section, as well as some foreign beers you could try. 
Fran sniffed out the man selling unique chocolate flavours, and I tried a scorpion chilli super hot chocolate that I was thankful I had my stout to was down. We opted instead to play it safe and get some chocolate covered pretzels as a snack. 
{Adam and I}
The other great part was there was a hall filled with tables you could eat your food and snacks at, and listen to the music. It was a much more chilled out atmosphere than some other beer festivals I've been to, especially for a Saturday, but it was really nice and the band and their dancers were really entertaining. 

I stuck to mainly stouts through the day, but sipped everyone else's summer and light ales when they got them. Some of my favourites in case you may come across them were Brown Cow Brewery in Selby "Captain Oates Dark Mild", Wensleydale Brewery in Leyburn "Black dub oat stout" (which I went back for seconds of, and they were out by the time I went for thirds), Wentworth Brewery in Rotherham "Smoked Swift", and Oates Brewery in Halifax "Caragold". There were lots of other nice ones I tried but those were the ones I marked so I'd remember them.

You can't buy any of the beer there, so if there is anything you like, you'll just have to go visit a brewery! I didn't realise there were so many around us, and am now on the hunt for some good brewery tours. 

Have you ever been to a small beerfest like this one?

Dannielle xx

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  1. I love beer festivals! My dad is a member of CAMRA and often helps out with the Newcastle beer & cider festival. For some reason, they always seem to be Thursday-Sunday or Wednesday-Saturday.

    The choclate looks really interesting! Never seen that at a beer festival before!

  2. I love these kind of events! Even though I am not a beer fan I love trying the different ciders.

  3. Ha, it stinks to have gotten stuck with undrinkables, you must have really gotten lucky avoiding it :) x

  4. Good job picking the good ones! I've never been to a beer festival because I don't drink beer. :) That's almost sacrilegious to say in England, but I just don't care for it! Now chocolate...that I can get into!

  5. I'd like to think so! I mainly went for stouts, they tended to be safer than the ones that claimed to be "citrusy" which seemed to be code for bitter as hell.

  6. I've grown to love beer over time, but I still love cider! I tried one that tasted just like you were drinking apple juice, really dangerous!

  7. We thought about joining CAMRA but we don't have that many places around that support it. Chocolate covered pretzels and beer were made for each other!

  8. haha, our friends that went with us aren't really beer drinkers either, but I think a lot of times you can come across something even a non-beer drinker can get on with.

  9. Sounds fun! I have only been to one beer festival in Berlin, and it was pretty fantastic, though kind of overcast. I miss the outdoor beer fests I am so used to in California!

  10. I've never been to a proper beer festival, but have been to several brewerys, and I can highly recommend it!

  11. We went to this on the Friday night and it had already sold out of a lot of beer. I enjoyed it though! I ended up buying some lemongrass flavoured chocolate!


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