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Last night was full of Christmas cheer in our house. We (I) decided we were going to get our Christmas tree. After the gym we stopped off at B&Q to nab a tree, but their tree section outside was closed "due to the high winds and hazards this was causing". I was ticked. I wanted a tree. 
We ended up just picking up a pack of small white LED lights (as our white lights from last year died) and a few new ornaments. On a whim we stopped off at The Range, a do it all store near our house. They not only had quite a few trees, but they were stuck in water baths to keep them hydrated and we found a perfect one for £20. This is considerably less than what we had to fork over last year, and I had said if we couldn't find a cheapish one, we should just get a fake one. So it was our night after all! 
The white tree above is a small two foot one I picked up at Paperchase last night to put in my office. I wanted a little festive cheer to get me through the day, and I've always wanted a white tree, but didn't want a giant one, that's too much commitment, and too much white for me. More pics to come when we get more decorations up! 

On to the giveaway winner, thank you to all who left comments, and have and continue to leave such nice comments on my posts. They really make my day. 
Adam has chosen a random number and the winner is Mandy Southgate! I'll be in touch shortly.

Thanks again everyone, and hopefully I can have another giveaway soon because I wish I could give you ALL a present.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Dannielle xx

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  1. TWO trees. Lucky you! Looks lovely.

  2. I can't wait to get our Christmas tree set up over here! The bf is much less excited about having to buy it, carry it, bring it home etc. hahah

  3. Gorgeous tree! I wish I could have one...

  4. I love your trees!! And Paperchase is a dangerous store for me… I could waste hours in the one on Tottenham Court Road in London!! :)

  5. Rachel Murphree6 December 2013 17:12

    Beautiful tree! And I love the idea of a small white one. I just might copy you... ;)

    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  6. Aw your tree looks awesome! It's our first year in England and I'm surprised by how different the trees are here. They all look old fashioned to me, and I love it!

  7. I needed a small one for my office, I wasn't feeling cheerful enough haha

  8. ours was so painless! Our family used to go chop down a tree. This year we went to a store and got it out of its water bath and netted it. Easy! Hope you get yours soon :)

  9. Seriously, most of our ornaments and fun things are from Paperchase. Obsessed. I like to just go in and look at their new prints and collections every now and again, and inevitably come out with something.

  10. Do it! I couldn't make the commitment to a giant one, but seriously love my two footer. I kept it red and green for decorations too so it looks super christmassy.

  11. I think so too! I think its the giant tinsel garlands most people put on them. Not to mention the fact that there's a lot of fake trees, so some of them really ARE old fashioned, as in pretty old.


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