November Photo Challenge #5

The last instalment of my photo a day challenge for November! You can go have a look at week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4 here. Now, for a short four photo post to round off and finish the month.

I know I put a black and white photo of our basil plant in last weeks photo a day challenge, but honestly, you have no idea how much joy it brings me that I've kept this baby alive for like three weeks now, and it's still going strong! We had a couple of days where it didn't look good, but once it was nice and watered up, back to life. Miracle! 

My Mom got us this lady bug chopping board (and a bowl set to match) and it's quite possibly my favourite kitchen thing. It doubles as a decoration when not in use as well.

Our cat's are insanely lazy. Jack likes to lay on his back and let it all hang out. They like belly rubs, I think they are part dog. 

I'm finally finished with this challenge! The reason I took a picture with my phone is because I'm onto the next challenge already. Things I've learned from this photo challenge - how to use a couple more settings on my camera, and that I don't lead an interesting enough life for a photo a day challenge. It was fun to do for a month, and I'm only doing next months because it's very holiday themed and I think I want a month of fun festive pictures. Plus I always have my iPhone on me, I don't always have my fancy pants camera. 

If you'd like to follow along, it's an Instagram challenge so you can find me here. If you want to join in, check out The Travelette's post about it, and don't forget to use the hashtag #dailytravelette. 

Dannielle xx

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  1. Congrats on finishing the challenged up. It would be hard for anyone to complete! I've always thought abotu doing one of those 365 challenges, but I'd never last. Will have to check out the holiday challenge

  2. I love your picture for lazy! He even looks like he's smiling! :o)

  3. Well you were better than me at keeping up the challenge! Shocking since it was my own, Well done and glad you found it useful and learnt some new things through the process.

  4. Did you find yourself looking at your day in a different way when you had to take a photo a day?

  5. Yeah, I love seeing everyones 365 challenges, I don't think I'd be able to do it! I'm excited to have a lot of holiday snaps at the end of this December challenge though.

  6. I swear they smile, sometimes I just look at them and they look soooo happy haha

  7. Thanks for the prompts! It was fun and made me learn some settings finally.

  8. Kind of, most of the time I would get excited and be like, oooo what am I going to take a picture of for that prompt today?! And I've ended up with about a billion more cat pictures as I had my camera out already and they follow me around when they think something exciting is going on haha.


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