Life Lately #7

{Jack hides his legs // Oreos dunked in coffee // New goodies}

So this week was pretty jam packed what with getting ready for Thanksgiving. It's a little harder and more time consuming to prepare here since it's not a holiday, therefore no time off unless I skewed my hours. Which I did end up doing but so I could have Friday off. 
Our friend Luke came up from near Birmingham to help us celebrate and stay for the weekend, which is always fun as we don't get to see him all that often. We also had a few friends around to help us feast and have a few laughs. One of the best Thanksgivings in a while.

** I've found that oreos dunked in coffee is pretty delicious. 

**I also got a couple packages, a little order with Debenhams 10% off and some candle making supplies. Gonna try my hand at candle making. 
{Mini apple pies // Taste testing // Simple things to stuff the turkey with // Leftover thanksgiving sandwich and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake}

** I made mini apple pies last year for Thanksgiving and they are much easier to dish up and serve, not to mention look so stinkin' cute. I had to taste test one after my lunch Thursday to make sure they tasted ok, wouldn't want to serve people horrible pie after all. 

** I don't like putting stuffing in the Turkey, but I throw some fresh herbs and a pricked lemon in just like roasting a chicken. Makes it smell even better too.

** Thanksgiving leftovers for days. I felt like I didn't even make that much (aside from the giant vat of mashed potatoes) but have been having Thanksgiving in different forms each day. We are finally at the end. Instead of making pumpkin pie I made pumpkin cheesecake, as my aunt used to make it and it's delicious. 
Saturday we spent the day in York to go pub crawling and have a look around the Christmas market. I felt like gauging my eyes out at the market, it was sooooo busy, you just kinda got pushed (or stuck) in the crowds and couldn't really make it to any of the stalls. Small area, too many people. Not the best market ever. No worries though, we went and took shelter in a cozy pub after some lunch and had some Rekorderlig winter cider. I also found a new beer that was quite nice, but can't remember what it was called now. I do know that it was dark and had a bit of a toffee flavour, yum. 

Today was spent writing out my Christmas cards as the majority are being shipped to America, and I think I need to get them shipped by the end of the week to make it by Christmas. I've also watched all of season 4 of Warehouse 13 as it has been newly added to Netflix. If you haven't seen it, go watch it! It's a fun show. 

How has everyone else been? Did you have a nice holiday? How did you celebrate? I'm well and truly ready for Christmas now, it's December 1st! 

Dannielle xx

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  1. Happy thanksgiving! Love the purple hair- I wish I was so brave!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving :) Looks like you had a fab day!
    I'm not in the mood for Christmas yet :( wish I was..
    I think when I get home from uni for Christmas it will sink in.

  3. oreo's dunked in coffee? sounds delicious :)


    the way to my Hart

  4. Sometimes it looks really purple (like when lights shine on it) and sometimes just a normal dark plummy brown. Go for it! It's just hair, it can always be changed :)

  5. Thanks! So much easier to serve than normal pie, and the filling doesn't fall out when you slice it up haha.

  6. Thanks! I think it's harder to get into the spirit when you're still at Uni, my friends and I used to have themed christmas parties to be more festive.

  7. You've just reminded me, I need to get some parcels finished and off to the post office this week. One to Australia and one to the US.

    Is that cider the one you can also have hot? If so my sister loves it.

  8. Those mini apple pies look amazing!! This week completely got away from me - between travel, visiting family, and trying to keep up with work, there was no time for anything else!! And you rock the purple hair!! :)

  9. yeah i think they were serving it warm, but it was roasting in the pub so I went for it cold. It's a little too sweet for me I think, so might be better warm.

  10. Aw hope you get a break this weekend then! I quite like crazy busy weeks, I feel so accomplished (even if i didn't accomplish anything haha)


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