Oh Hi!

Oh hey, just checking in to say in case you didn't know (but really how could you not I've been going on about it for months) I'm in Iceland!! We just finished up our fourth day, have three more to go and it's incredible. I can't wait to share all of our adventures when we get back to England, we've packed in a lot! In the meantime I'm updating my Instagram @chicadeedee if you want to follow along. 

Hope everyone is having a great week! 

                                   Dannielle xx
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Life Lately #61

Look at our flowers! I got really excited when the little brick box outside our front door started springing up bluebells and irises. With the arrival of flowers also comes the arrival of weeds, they are TAKING OVER our front garden. Those sheets you put down under rocks to keep the weeds out? They don't work, what is actually the point. 
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Adventures In :: England - Tattershall Castle

So it's been a couple months now since we visited Tattershall Castle, so I thought I'd share it in case you'd like to visit as well now that the weather is getting a little nicer. When we were looking for National Trust properties to visit (gotta get the most out of our membership) less than two hours away was a castle! A real castle with a moat? I was all in.
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Photography Friday #46

Having a young neice means excuses for days out when we watch her. A few weeks ago it was sunny and semi-warm so we took DG to the Yorkshire Wildlife park. We are no strangers, but it's the first time she could go and run around, and run around she did. 
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Life Lately #60

Well it's been another full week/weekend and it ended by turning May. Jeez! It crept up fast and it's just under two weeks before our week in Iceland. I can't even believe it's almost here. I've done lots of fun things to pass the time, like painting our bedroom a pretty lilac colour. Just kidding, that isn't fun but I'm pretty pleased with the results. One more coat and I can move things back in there. 
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