Secret Garden Party 2015

I didn't take that many pictures this year, or so I thought. Still ended up with a fair few! This years Secret Garden Party was so different to last years. Last year the weather was amazing, even too hot at times, and we basked in it the whole weekend. This year however, there was about a months worth of rain in ONE day (Friday) and wallowed in the mud. We didn't let it get us too down though, and partied on regardless. When in England and all that...
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Secret Garden Party 2014 Video

I thought since we are headed out to this years Secret Garden Party Festival on Thursday, I'd share some video footage I took last year on my little point and shoot. 
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Photo an hour :: 18/7/2015

{11 am :: Kitty snuggles}

Saturday morning I was snuggling with crash on the couch when I saw Kerri from Crumbs in the bed was doing a photo an hour on Instagram. I thought, "Ooo! I've missed a couple hours, but I'm going to do fun things today so I'll participate too".
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Life Lately #67

{Secret garden party supplies! // Watermelon nails // The cutest package // Swans}

I did really well last week with posting, and then lost it again this week. Life gets in the way. It's been a bit nuts and busy so I'm looking forward to a low key weekend this weekend. 
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Photography Friday #50

For this photography Friday, I present to you the Icelandic horses! Some are friendly, almost all have epic hair do's. I probably got more excited than we should as we drove across Iceland and I squealed and pointed out every group of horses we saw. Which was a lot. We stopped a couple times to say hi and give them a nuzzle because you can't just ignore them when they are near the road.
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