Staycation in Yorkshire

{Lady Bower reservoir}

A lot of people get really confused when I tell them I've moved to England and I don't live in London. There's a lot more to England than London! We've set up roots in Yorkshire because that's where my boyfriend is from, that's where his family is (who have graciously accepted me as one of their own) and it's full of fun things to do and pretty places to go.
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Secret Garden Party - Day 1

Well, we are home. After what I can probably deem one of the best weekends ever. Big words I know, but once you go to Secret Garden Party, you'll never want to leave.
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Adventures In :: Cyprus - Parasailing

Even though we went on a relaxing beach/pool vacation, we couldn't help getting some adventure in. We spent a day going to Protarus so that Adam and I could go parasailing. Everyone else just decided to watch, their loss!
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Life Lately

{Don't leave drawers open // Cuddles // Helping}

As soon as you leave a drawer open in our bedroom, Crash is right up in it. So much for clean clothes I suppose. Also, if you leave paper on the floor, both cats are instantly drawn to it, and need to lay all over it. So moral of the story is, if you have cats, nothing is off limits. 
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Photography Friday #22

Sunday we went to Clumber park, which we've done a fair few times, but it was the first time we decided to visit the walled kitchen garden. I highly suggest a visit if you are in the park, as it's really well curated and so pretty. Not to mention there's information about gardening in the olden days if you're interested in that kind of thing. I was more interested in the flowers.
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